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KOMM UNIT is a creative unit founded on the aggregation of communication professionals of proven experience and talent. KOMM UNIT is able to support in a complete and targeted way the companies that aim at developing their positioning and their business on the global market. Our team is made up of the best experts in PR, media relations, event organization, advertising, corporate image, Internet marketing, social network management, creation of corporate magazines and corporate publications, management training and team building, video and musical, production.

Ads and product movies
Real estate


Web&Social Media





Cinematic Photography for adv campaigns and social media marketing.


Production of innovative videos designed for the web and for the social media.

Komm Unit was founded in Milan in 2015 by Antonio Fazio.

Antonio Fazio was born in Milan in 1966. In the 1990s he began collaborating with numerous newspapers as a journalist before moving into the world of marketing and communication at IBM  and at Computer Associates.

In 1994 he founded Baum Communication - a historic agency that distinguished itself in the provision of public relations services, press office, web marketing, event organization and creation of advertising campaigns for Italian and international companies.

In 2015, Antonio launches Komm Unit, an open organization made up of creative and communication experts focused on marketing and communication on the Internet and on Social Networks.

Currently Komm Unit is active with his team in the following areas: Corporate Communication, Social Media Management, Video, Photo and Music Productions, Coaching, Training as well as in the world of art, music and publishing.

“My aim is to put at your disposal the experiences that I had the chance to develop by collaborating with many brands such as: IBM, BMW, MINI, Kawasaki, Pirelli, Barilla, Voiello, HP, Computer Associates, ICL, INTEL, SAP , IBM, Telecom Italia, Ministry of University and Research, T-Systems Deutsche Telekom Group, Siemens, Fujitsu, Kodak, Toni & Guy, label.m, NEC, CSC, TAS Group, Etnia Barcelona, Blu Media Hong Kong, Rubelli.” Antonio Fazio



PR, Marketing and Communication

We help you to improve your brand's communication, to renew your marketing and make your company's public relations management more effective. Komm Unit will allow you to redefine your communication and marketing strategies as well as to expand your network of relationships.

Werbevideos und Produktfilme

Internet Marketing and Social Media Management

We are at your disposal to study a strategy aimed at enhancing your presence on the web and in particular on social networks. Together with our experts we will develop an ad hoc program to increase your visibility and the quality of interactions with your followers. Our Kuraro Social Video Team will be by your side in the production of audiovisual content for social media that can give an extra boost to your reputation on the Internet.


Coaching and Training

The managerial experience consolidated by Antonio since 1994 is combined with his ability to share knowledge and his skills as a coach and trainer. Our training courses are available to companies, managers and professionals, focus on the most up-to-date techniques to improve one-to-one or public communication, on internal communication and on leadership and team building development.


Video and Music Productions

With our Kuraro Social Video Team we are proud to be able to collaborate with companies, managers, artists, sportsmen and public figures in the creation of targeted audiovisuals to give greater visibility on social media and on the Internet. We operate in a professional manner so as to increase relations with fans, with the press and with potential sponsors allowing quick feedback in respect of the particular quality required by artists and their public.

Professional Services

All the quality, innovation and experience to make your projects unique.

Filmaufnahmen in FullHD
Hochwertige Filmmusik
Filmkommentare von Voice-Over Sprechern

Team Building

Workshops and events aimed at developing TeamSpirit for change management.

Executive Coaching

Support for new communication and marketing strategies development.


Editorial support for corporate magazines, newsletters, websites and press releases.

Interview für den Imagefilm
Filmaufnahmen aus der Vogelperspektive
Veröffentlichung der Imagefilme bei YouTube


Professional video and photo shooting designed for the Internet and for the Social Media.

Video Production

High quality shooting and editing for your professional videos for the web and social media.

Music Production

Original music, songs and soundtracks to enhance your projects.


References and  Videos

Some of Antonio's main references.

Corporate: TAS Group - New Remote Banking Solutions.

Our work to promote Art and Culture.

TV Campaign - Fondazione Italiana Diabete 2020.

Video Communication for Sport Team and Athletes.

Corporate Reportage: Fede Cheti Eyewear.


Some examples of consulting and training programs with customizable duration and budget.

Business Model Strategy



 Program objectives: redefine or create new strategies and innovative business models to increase the value proposition, to approach new markets or to consolidate alliances.

Special Focus: brand positioning, competitive potential.

Designed for: entrepreneurs, executives, managers, sales managers.

Marketing Communication



Program objectives: redefine or create innovative campaigns to launch new products or services, to increase direct sales and on distribution channels.

Special Focus: target profiling, competitor analysis, communication media mapping, branding.

Designed for: executives, managers, mktg and communication directors.

PR & Media Relations



 Program objectives: analyze and increase the network of external relations, relations with the media, partners and stakeholders as well as the management of offline and online events.

Special Focus: real time news, case studies, digital reputation and PR.

Designed for: executives, directors, PR and Press managers.

Internet Marketing



Program objectives: strategic support to map and increase the effectiveness of online marketing tools and campaigns. Advanced community management, editorial plans.

Special Focus: interaction with community, follower growth, branding.

Designed for: community managers, Internet marketing managers.


Training and Coaching Programs

NEW! Social Media



Objectives: methodologies for the advanced management of pages, groups and communities of Social Network.

Objectives: professional videos designed for the Internet marketing, and social media.

NEW! Video Communication



Objectives: professional videos designed for the Internet marketing, and social media.

NEW! Self Improvement



Objectives: strategies and tools for internal communication designed to facilitate change management.

NEW! Internal Communication



Objectives: sessions to improve cohesion, motivation, business climate and commitment.

NEW! Team Building



Objectives: context analysis and management styles, Drive to Achieve, Adaptability, Trustworthness.

NEW! Change Management




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